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We Give Great Advice But Struggle To Use It For Ourselves.. Why?

At my job, a client came into the office and explained to me the emptiness she has been feeling. How she feels like she failed as a mother and just wants to be with her son. She started to open up about a few things she did in her past that she so desperately regrets and how she feels like she has let God down...

I tried my best to relate to her in terms of the Christian faith, and the fact that we all experience guilt and regret. I expressed about how it is not even a question as to whether God forgives us, but whether we can come to a place of peace and forgiving ourselves.

Our conversation lasted a good 2 hours. At the end she said that she feels so much grace and relief.

" Great! Always here if you need to talk" I replied.

Later that night after work I found myself driving home in tears, over analyzing everything going on in my life, feeling inadequate, then a thought ran in my head. " I just encouraged a client and gave her so much uplifting advice and I do not ev…