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Being Up In The Clouds.. ( Nigeria Recap Pt 1)

I have flown on a plane before, but that was a couple of hours to Oregon when I was younger. Flying International is another ball game and stress. From making sure your passport is set, checking in your luggage, having to rampage through baggage claim.. and do not get me started about security.. but I have to say as I reflect on my trip I loved the adventure of it all and the opportunity I had to leave the country with my family.

Being in the clouds was breathe - taking. We left Sunday afternoon to catch our 9pm flight at LAX. As the plane took off, I was unable to take my eyes off the city lights. The way houses, lights and humans (lol) slowly disappear as you are lifted over 2,000 feet ( I know it's more than 2,000 ft probably). It felt as if all my problems was fading away and being left behind, so I could go and enjoy this long awaited adventure that my family and I only dreamed of taking together.

It was my first time sleeping overnight on a plane and I will admit I was a bi…