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Your Voice & My Voice Matters.. 💙


I miss this.

I took a break from blogging/writing because I let certain people tell me my words and thoughts didn't matter.
I believed them when they said my words and experiences have no value without success to back it up.

False. All of that I count it as false. And I hope if there is someone in your life telling you the same lies, that you have a support system that reminds you how powerful your voice is.

Your voice is powerful my friend. Your words have an substantial meaning.
Better yet your presence is Important. This world needs you. This world needs the wisdom and knowledge and experiences you are attaining everyday.

So if you are a writer, poet, singer, actor, creator, whatever you may be.. we need your melodies, we need your imagination, we need your flowing word art. We need your personal creation.

We need you.

I miss this. I'm back friends 💙


Nikki O.