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Hey June, You Taught Me A Valuable Lesson...

People will show you exactly who they are.. just give them time.

I never really took this saying seriously until I came to notice it this month.

I am someone who easily believes what you tell me, I guess you can say I can be gullible. I don't know, maybe I really want to believe there is good in people, I want to see the good in someone from the beginning.  If you tell me that you are a great person I'll believe you. If you tell me that you are respectful, I will take you by your word.

Although, I guess this month has really shown me the importance of not taking people by their word but really judging by actions. People will not only show you who they are but they will show you how much you mean to them as well, and when they show you those two things believe them.

If you are truly on someone's mind and they truly like you.. They will show it. 
If someone is truly respectful.. they will show you
If someone is truly honest .. they will show you 
If someone is truly your fr…

The Smallest Emotions Seem Overwhelming ... Let's Write it Out.

I have a little self test for you all.. Answer true or false

1. I have trouble recognizing my feelings or why I feel the way I do 
2. There are times I get upset and say things I later regret
3. I feel disinterested in my job 
4. I am not that interested in what other people have to say 
5. Sometimes I feel unsure of what to say in social situations 

What were some of your responses? I answered T, F,F,F,T.

 Emotional Intelligence... 
 - The ability to recognize & understand your emotions. 

At my work we had an In-service training today and the main topic of discussion was "Emotional Intelligence" and how to have more self awareness, self regulation and motivation. I found this lecture particularly interesting because these are all things I have and still till this day struggle with.

The speaker then brought up this idea called "Event Journaling" it is a more organized efficient way of journaling and being more self aware of your emotions and feelings...

 Essentially y…