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It Is One Bad Day, It Doesn't Mean A Bad Life...

" It Happens To The Best Of Us, Don't Be To Hard On Yourself"

The nurse at my job told me this as I wiped the tears in my eyes and took the spare pants she had for me. I was immensely frustrated with myself, mother nature gifts me with this every month how was I unprepared for this?! On top of that I came an hour late to work so I was already anxious and in a hurry.
Then on top of that I was still thinking about my Friday during that Saturday that I should of been working.
Anyone else's mind do that? Where your mind will run 200 miles per minute about a day that has already past?

Did me being tired really show?
Did I seem uninterested?
Was I annoying?
Why did I say that?

Dang it Nicole..
That was stupid why did I bring that up?

I sat at my desk at work with all these thoughts running through my head while also trying to be positive and engaging to the clients that would show up at the front desk ev…