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Thank you M,

I do not think there is a day that passes by that I do not think about how you are. Have you left the psych hospital yet? Are you now in rehab like you planned? How is your healing process going?
I hope one day, hopefully by some miracle we run into each other in the future.

The first night I came to the hospital I felt so low, guilty, and disgusted with myself. I went to bed that night wondering " What am I doing here?" " This is going to be a long four days..". But then the first morning when break feast was being past out, you helped me find where the meal essentials were at. You sat with me, asked my name and there began our little friendship. We talked about each other's stories briefly, had a few laughs and in the small amount of time ( 2 days) before I was moved to another section of the hospital, I felt like we had been friends for a long time. Thank you M, because you made my fear subside tremendously. 

You inspired me so much in that small amount of…