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(3) Songs That Has Been My 2018 Anthems

The last time I posted was on the 14th.. It has been a good minute. How are all of you doing? I thought I would share with all of you (3) songs that have been my go to anthems this year and why.

Fall In Line ( Christina & Demi )

Talk about women empowerment
 I think it has been every Christina and Demi Lovato fan's dream that these two collaborate and sing a song together and this year it happened!! This song is so powerful in many ways and I truly believe every young girl growing into a young women should give this song a listen. 

Never Alone ( Tori Kelly ft Kirk Franklin )

Tori Kelly finally released new music!!! Her single Never Alone ft Kirk Franklin came out Friday and I am in love. I feel like it dropped at such a good time, the message behind it is what everyone needs to hear because whether you are a Christian or not.. you and I both know there is a sense of hopelessness in this world due to the recent suicides. People need to know there is hope, and his name is Jesus …