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What Demi Lovato's Overdose Has Taught Me..

I remeber when I heard that Demi had been sober for 6 years, then a few weeks before that, I had watched her documentary and if I had not been a huge fan of hers before I was NOW. I was so inspired to see a celebrity around my age who was killing it with every soul in her being. I said to myself.. " If Demi can overcome her demons, then so can I"

When I heard about her overdose.. my heart sank.
 I remember praying " God, please do not take Demi away from us PLEASE" considering all the deaths we have had from well known celebrities, I could not bare the thought of her not surviving.

 I  started scrolling online and reading the news that was coming out about her overdose and the story behind it; how Demi had been surrounding herself with the wrong crowd and falling behind on her sobriety.

I was shocked, but then oddly it turned into a small frustration "No, not the Demi I know! She was doing so well.." as if she was suppose to have it all together. I almos…