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BeBrave Story #10: Adriana Garcia

Hey Everyone! here is a new #BeBrave Story. I truly hope you will all take the time to read it. This story was written by a very good friend of mine whom I have known since high school. I reached out to Adriana because not only is she the most genuine person I know, but I have heard little bits and pieces of her journey and I knew you would all be as inspired as I was and still am.

*Trigger Warning* : The Topic of suicide is being discussed in this post. 

I hope by reading her story you are able to see that you are not alone, you are not insane, and you are not a burden. There is hope. Anyways, I'll let Adriana's story tell the rest(:

As I grew up to the woman I am today, I have gained the privilege to understand what mental health is and how it has impacted me. My mental health matters so much, and I have learned to do what it takes to better it. I am still learning how to love myself and care for my well-being, but that does not make me any less of a person. I have become a…