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I Hate Having A Crush.. Pt 2

Hi Friends!

Remember last year, when I wrote about a huge crush I had on a guy friend that I had a class with? Well, I got the guts to ask him to have lunch with me one on one this past week and now I am going to tell you how it all went down.. (lol) this is going to be quit the story so if you are interested than you are in for a ride.
Okay so if you haven't read my hopeless romantic, desperately in agonizing love post called I Hate Having A Crush"   then stop and go read it so you can have a better gist of where I am coming from.

The guy I like is back from Italy.

Well he has been back since last year during Christmas break. When school started again this past January I remember constantly keeping up to date with his snap chats trying to see whether he would be anywhere on campus ( #desperate). I truly believe all my friends and their grandparents at this point know I like this particular guy except this particular guy. If you didn't know, you know now that as much as…