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Why I Stopped Looking For Self Confidence

One of my favorite youtubers Sadie Robertson was answering a question from one of her subscribers and the question was this.. “How do you find self confidence?” and Sadie’s answer was interesting and sparked my attention, the first thing she said was “That is the way not to find Self -Confidence, is looking for confidence in yourself”.  She elaborated by explaining that if you try to find confidence in who you are, what you look like, how many degrees you have or what job you have, you will never find the confidence you are looking for.In other words, essentially what we are ultimately craving is confidence that will last us our whole life, how do we expect to find that everlasting, secure confidence if we are looking in ourselves, as humans, who are not secure, and who are finite and imperfect. The only one we can find our confidence in is in Christ, the prefect One. 

I’m going to link Sadie's video below because I truly believe that you will all be blessed by it. I have watched th…