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The Hardest Lesson I Have Learned In University So Far..

It is kind of ironic that I am writing a post on this topic, because now at this moment, I feel like am not only in the midst of this, but I have to practice what I preach at the moment. The hardest lesson I have learned in University so far is this..

Failure is inevitable. What is important is the steps you are going to take to bounce back and lift yourself up.

This is a meaningful lesson to me. I am currently at what is suppose to be my last year at university, depending on whether I pass my last three prerequisite classes in order to move on to my last four classes as a senior. I recently saw that I failed two of those classes. I will be meeting with my counselor to figure out what I should do from here but it seems like I will not be graduating this year. Yes, this is a HUGE disappointment and I have cried and beat myself up tremendously plus to add my depression it doesn't make things better..BUT, something my sister, my mom and I am trying to tell myself is, it is not the e…