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Mental illness has no face...

I'm not a poet by any means, honestly alot of the poems I write is word vomit that keeps circling in my head.. here is a poem I wrote that has been in my drafts for awhile. Can you relate? ...

Mental illness has no face

and that is what is scary about its pace
you never truly know how the person sitting next to you is
they can tell you I am great I am fine
in three hours they are in the hospital because of their mind

Mental illness has no face

It eats you alive
It doesn't discriminate
It doesn't care whether you are black or white
Educated or not
Financially stable or not
It will still come when you have both parents in your life
Even when all things seem just right

Mental illness has no face

It comes and chases all your joy
decides to crush your peace
Your motivation at a all time low
No equilibrium in our body
And so your confused.. do I go fast or slow
Instead your in circles and so is your soul

Mental illness has no face...

But does that mean you can not win?
Does that…

Social Media's Affect On Your Mental Health

I watched a Ted Talk called IsSocial Media Hurting Your Mental Health"and the speaker introduced 4 common stressors of social media that can become full blown mental health issues if not checked and taken accounted of, so for this post I thought I would share them with you:

Highlight Reel

The best and proudest moments displayed for all to see. That is basically social media for us; it is our peers and the influencers we look up to giving us a glimpse of the best parts of their day. Due to the fact that we live in a culture where young teen and adults are trapped in this cycle of comparison, we are constantly " comparing our behind-the-scenes with someone else's highlight reel" .

We forget that your friend's snapchat story may look fun as she is spending more time with her boyfriend, but that is what she may choose to show snapchat. Because of course, who really wants to display the hardships and annoying moments with everyone right? You just never know what some…

You Have To Become Tougher.. Not Meaner. Tougher.

About two weeks ago one of the girls that lives at the group home I work at currently, lashed out at me. From then on her and another teen girl have started becoming distant and passive towards me. Now obviously this is to be expected at a group home. When you work in this kind of field your clients are not going to be warm to you all the time, because they come with behavioral and family issues. 

Although, I remember becoming really frustrated. I started thinking to myself "gosh, I am doing my job and I am there to support these girls but at the end of the day they can easily flip things around and give me the middle finger". This idea annoyed me and actually gave me some anxiety. I became kind of stuck between several thoughts and opinions, such as maybe this field isn't for me? Maybe I am to sensitive. The field of Social Services, Mental Health in terms of youth and young adolescents can be so challenging. Alot of the advice I was getting from my senior staff at my …

LIFE UPDATE. School/Work/Family Trip and more...

So where in the world have I been?!

 Last time I wrote a post was in early September. I was scrolling through my blog and whispered to myself "I miss this". To be completely honest with you and myself though, I didn't have the motivation and I lacked writing inspiration.

 It got to a point where I felt like I was wasting my time, I would put out a post and it felt like the time I spent writing it was not matched with the people if any, that would read it. That has never been something I cared about much, but I guess as I write more and more I have realized I don't just want to be writing for myself, I want to be writing for others. That has always been at the back of my mind. 

There has also been a lot going on in which I have not had time to just sit and write, so the fact that I am writing right now is a breathe of fresh air. So, here is a little life update for you all!


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