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(3) Songs That Has Been My 2018 Anthems

The last time I posted was on the 14th.. It has been a good minute. How are all of you doing? I thought I would share with all of you (3) songs that have been my go to anthems this year and why.

Fall In Line ( Christina & Demi )

Talk about women empowerment
 I think it has been every Christina and Demi Lovato fan's dream that these two collaborate and sing a song together and this year it happened!! This song is so powerful in many ways and I truly believe every young girl growing into a young women should give this song a listen. 

Never Alone ( Tori Kelly ft Kirk Franklin )

Tori Kelly finally released new music!!! Her single Never Alone ft Kirk Franklin came out Friday and I am in love. I feel like it dropped at such a good time, the message behind it is what everyone needs to hear because whether you are a Christian or not.. you and I both know there is a sense of hopelessness in this world due to the recent suicides. People need to know there is hope, and his name is Jesus …

Dear LGBTQ Community, I'm Sorry. Love a Christian.


What Demi Lovato's Overdose Has Taught Me..

I remeber when I heard that Demi had been sober for 6 years, then a few weeks before that, I had watched her documentary and if I had not been a huge fan of hers before I was NOW. I was so inspired to see a celebrity around my age who was killing it with every soul in her being. I said to myself.. " If Demi can overcome her demons, then so can I"

When I heard about her overdose.. my heart sank.
 I remember praying " God, please do not take Demi away from us PLEASE" considering all the deaths we have had from well known celebrities, I could not bare the thought of her not surviving.

 I  started scrolling online and reading the news that was coming out about her overdose and the story behind it; how Demi had been surrounding herself with the wrong crowd and falling behind on her sobriety.

I was shocked, but then oddly it turned into a small frustration "No, not the Demi I know! She was doing so well.." as if she was suppose to have it all together. I almos…

BeBrave Story #11 : Ida Vaisanen - When Depression Stricks

Happy August Everyone!

It is a new month which means a new #BeBrave story! Remeber, if you want to be brave and share YOUR story just email me at

Today the fighter Ida Vaisanen, is sharing her journey through Depression ( TW: Suicide Is Discussed). I admire this girl and her transparency not only when she wrote this story but on Twitter and on her blog.

Thank you so much Ida for saying yes to sharing your journey through your mental illness and allowing us to read about the reality of what you go through everyday. With that being said, here is Ida's story(:

My life has definitely been divided into two, the time before and after I became ill.
Like with any illness, it's difficult to pinpoint a time where it began. When do cells decide to attack one another, what causes your white cells to begin to attack your own body as an enemy? Like any physical illness, I'm sure my illness lurked as a premonition in my cells for far longer than my mind ca…