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A Fashion & Confidence Pep Talk: What Society Is Not Telling You

Hey Everyone!

I am really excited about this post because it is a collaboration with Guilianna from I have been following her blog for awhile and have always wanted to reach out to her, so when she asked if I wanted to collaborate I jumped at the opportunity.

Today we are talking about Fashion and Confidence. Now, I know what your all thinking, "Nikki, that's a little far from your usual topics and your niche overall.". Well That is kind of true and kind of not. I will be the first to admit I am not a fashion blogger by any means, but this post is not just about showing you three outfits that I feel confident in, but it is shedding a light on the topic of confidence when it comes to fashion that is somewhat overlooked by society.

I admire fashion and beauty bloggers, they show us the new trends of clothing and accessories and they look AMAZING on them. But sometimes I have caught myself feeling out of place and some what jealous.. I h…

23 Things That Scared Me But I Did Them Anyway...

Hey Everyone (: First of all, thank you for all the support on my blog and for the birthday wishes! Those mean a lot(: I can't believe I am 23, I feel old but at the same time, I'm still fairly young and have a lot of life to live.

I am really excited about this post, I have noticed that a lot of bloggers like to post lessons they have learned when it is their birthday. Which is cool, I have done that several times. That's why I thought I'd switch it up. So, in no particular order...

1. I told my crush of a good year and a half that I like him
2. I asked my crush to have lunch with me
3. I have sang to my crush
4. I have kissed a guy
5. I sang at my clubs Spring Fusion twice ( aka Talent show)
6. Shared an article I wrote about suicide on my personal instagram
7. Asked a good friend of mine to share her mental health story on my blog
8. I quit my CNA job applied for my current job not knowing if I would get hired.. ( I got hired obvi lol )
9. Started sharing some of my…

"How Dare I.." ( Original Poem)

I was fourteen and I wanted so badly to be seen  I wanted the boys of my age to know I existed That I am not as awkward as I may come off to be because I wanted to be taken seriously 
Now I am twenty-two and can hardly stand the tune Ya know, "hey beautiful" *whistle* "have a good day"  I never know what to say  So I give the "fuck off" look  and go my way.. Oh but, How dare I 
How Dare I think to deeply into the "compliments" they give me How Dare I try to make sense of their intentions  And their perverted attention  How dare I make men out to be animals.. Boys will be boys right? So How Dare I speak up  With this urge to fight 
Oh but How Dare I  He was just admiring me,  So How Dare I not appreciate his flirting Saying he loves shy girls  and that I am really pretty 
Or How Dare I slap his hand..  How Dare I not submit to him touching my breast because I asked for it right? My tank top and shorts was a clear invitation So its not his fa…

Dear Parents, SIX Things You DON'T Say To Your Son/Daughter Who Is Struggling With A Mental Illness

To any parent who reads this.. I am not a parent. I am a 22 year old who just finished college and has so many thoughts that I feel I need to write out. I have been on this earth only 22 years and yet I some how believe I have enough life experience to share some advice to the world ( so I say.. lol)

Please do not take this as me trying to tell you how to parent your child, but just what not to say to a human being that is going through emotional and mental pain. If you know someone who needs these reminders please feel free to share this post! (:

1). Bringing up emotional or mental breakdowns from the past

I do not know if you are bringing these things up to make an example and teach your child or instill guilt, I have no idea.. but stop. It does not and will not help. Actually it is quite triggering.

2.) Telling them to "grow out of it"

- Mental illness of any kind whether that be depression, anxiety, OCD etc, it is not something you just grow out of. I am not a parent by a…

BeBrave Story #10: Adriana Garcia

Hey Everyone! here is a new #BeBrave Story. I truly hope you will all take the time to read it. This story was written by a very good friend of mine whom I have known since high school. I reached out to Adriana because not only is she the most genuine person I know, but I have heard little bits and pieces of her journey and I knew you would all be as inspired as I was and still am.

*Trigger Warning* : The Topic of suicide is being discussed in this post. 

I hope by reading her story you are able to see that you are not alone, you are not insane, and you are not a burden. There is hope. Anyways, I'll let Adriana's story tell the rest(:

As I grew up to the woman I am today, I have gained the privilege to understand what mental health is and how it has impacted me. My mental health matters so much, and I have learned to do what it takes to better it. I am still learning how to love myself and care for my well-being, but that does not make me any less of a person. I have become a…