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Five Hygiene Hacks When Depressed.


Desperate. ( An Original)

The other day I felt something .. Desperate.
Desperate for someone to call me babe, love, sweety..
Desperate to be reassured that I am wanted..
That I don't have to fear being lonely...

The other day I felt.. Desperate
I went to bed wanting to be touched by the person I dream of alittle to much
Admire. Inspired by. My stomach is in knots when He walks by.
Imagine how embarrassing it would be if he read this
But.. I'm desperate for him to notice.

The other day I felt.. Desperate
 I can carry my own
But when I see him
I don't mind letting his presence take control

Desperate for you to be in my life
My mind
My imagination
Consume my time

The other day I felt something.. Desperate. 

Nikki O.

I Write Because Suicide Is No Longer an Option...

I wrote a poem a couple months ago called     "No Mom You Don't Know About The Demons In My Head"  and for the first time I wrote a piece that in a raw, broken but true way drew a sketch of what depression is for me. I was going through it at the very moment I was writing it.. I was hurt. I felt misunderstood, I felt guilty and I felt that the one person that was suppose to see it and address it.. didn't. It was brushed to the side and I was exhausted of how the people closest to me continuously saw it as a attention seeking mechanism and I didn't know what else to do, so I wrote about it.

I opened my laptop and started tapping on the keys not knowing what I was creating but I knew I wanted to put words together that would some how shed light on this mental illness that creeps up on me and so many others. I was expressing or I hope I was painting a picture of what a lot of young teens and young adults struggle with in their minds and souls and how they are screa…

BeBrave Story #7: Shauna Claire

Hey Everyone, today I am sharing with you #BeBrave Story #7! Beauty and Fashion blogger Shauna Claire from the blog Goddess Guide is sharing her journey on recieving her PTSD diagnosis and how life for her has been since then. I can't wait for you all to read her story and be encouraged to get the help that you deserve and never give up.

Also can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that Shauna Claire looks like she can be on the front cover of a celebrity magazine! Read more about the writing Shauna does after this post and check out her social medias below! ( Her Instagram is Ah-mazing)

My road to a PTSD diagnosis wasn't a straightforward one, nor of a conventional avenue. My journey with mental health began with visiting my doctor and asking him about why it was so difficult for me to eat different foods, and why I would panic around food in general. I didn't feel I had an eating disorder because I didn't have any kind of body dysmorphia and I wasn't a…

Hey, Are You Proud of Yourself?

Well, are you? and I mean all of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly my friends. When I ask that question I ask it knowing that you and I are not exactly where we want to be at the moment. We all still have so many dreams and end goals ahead, But.. regardless, have you embraced your past and future mistakes? are you proud of yourself?

If your answer is not really, or No. I only pray that this post will give you the permission to be proud of yourself. This is a short quick post to say that society puts this standard on us that says you must be at this certain point in your life for you to truly be proud of yourself. You must be a certian body size, you must be going to THIS university, you must be pursuing THIS type career, you must be married and with kids at a certain age, you must have  THIS number of Instagram followers or more, you must be attaining  THESE amount of opportunities and frankly, to be honest.. I just do not agree.

There is a small routine I have decided to…