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#BeBrave Story 5: Charlotte Underwood

Hey Friends, it has been awhile since I have shared a #BeBrave story with you all. This one is from
Charlotte Underwood. She is a Author and blogger who spreads awareness on suicide and mental health. You can read more about her and her work at the end! I hope this post touches and reminds anyone who is struggling with mental illness that you are NOT alone.

Thank you Charlotte for being brave and sharing your story!

It all began when I was 14, at least that was when I started showing more severe signs and symptoms that something was wrong. I had always been different, I was bullied, quiet, a people pleaser. I never spoke out and had no confidence, I stuck by the rules due to fear of punishment and just saw the world so differently to everyone else. 

My mother once told me that after being heavily bullied at school, I tried to end my life by throwing myself down the stairs, I was only four years old, I don’t remember but It just shows how much I was hurting and I didn’t even know it. I…

Mental Illness and Gun Violence: Is Mental Illness The Sole Cause of School Shootings?

Writing this post has been a challenge. This topic is so heavy and my mind is literally every where. Although, I believe that the reason this post is so difficult to write is because this is human lives we are essentially talking about here. This is difficult to talk about because to sit down and actually have to fathom the fact that students as young as 12 years old even younger, are being murdered in their own school is just incomprehensible. It was just like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, in which tore all of us apart and as a nation we promised ourselves that we would never let this happen again.. But here we are.

I have been so determined to write this post for several reasons. One, after the horrific massacre at a high school in Florida, I started seeing a few arguments on twitter and face book about how mental illness is the issue or limited gun control is the issue. There was even a tweet or two that said "Mental Illness does not equal Violence" or &qu…

I'm Drawn An (Original)

I’m trying to figure it out There is something about you I’m drawn How does one open his mouth Then every word is a charming sound I’m drawn Drawn to your articulate nature Open yet mysterious character Humor on top of humor Your silly charisma is amusing I’m drawn You walk to the beat of your own drum Step 1 step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Down the stairs with no care in the world What everyone sees from you is what they get I’m drawn Dark melanin glow just like mine I’m an amateur  trying to study how you gained such Confidence. Aligned structure I’m drawn.. Teach me how you dodge the anxiety You are a target in society Yet you still stand A black man I’m drawn

Written by: Nikki O. 


Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments which poems are your favorites  from what I have written so far! (: 

The Day I Lost My Admission To UCLA..

I was waiting to tell this story when I finally graduate university in May so you know, it can seem like I made it and I have my life together and now I can teach ya'll my brilliant life lessons and blah blah blah.. but no. I am writing this story and sharing it in the midst of my journey through college. I want to tell you the story of the time I lost my admission to UCLA, fell back into my depression and then essentially got to where I am now.

* This is a long one, if you actually read everything.. I love you & you are awesome haha*

First off, just a heads up if you know that you are not good at science and math. PLEASE do not take both at the same time. I am not a science or math person at all so you can say taking Chemistry and Calculus at the same time was the worst decision ever. I was in my last semester at community college or what was suppose to be my last semester. I had gone into this semester with a 3.4 gpa, my personal statement had been revised over 5 times and m…