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Shame. Guilt. Regret.. ( Original) Poem

I was not 100% sure what to name this piece but I'm liking the title that I have at the moment. A lot of you seem to be having a positive response to my poems which I am really relieved about. A lot of these poems I tend to come up with on the spot when I am feeling a certain way.
For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you might be thinking that all this is kind of random,  all of a sudden posting my poems on my blog, but  I guess I have been having a wave of inspiration, and I like this, this whole once in a while throwing a original piece to you all here and there.

I might make a separate page on my blog that is just for my poems so it is easier to find, but for now I am just testing the waters. Enjoy Friends (:

You are told go faster But instead you slow down
Turn right but you turn left
Conditioned to feel shame about your path 

Now it is set. Shame Guilt Regret You Should of, you could of, you didn’t Maybe if, Maybe then, maybe that Imagine this, Imagine that…

Why I Stopped Looking For Self Confidence

One of my favorite youtubers Sadie Robertson was answering a question from one of her subscribers and the question was this.. “How do you find self confidence?” and Sadie’s answer was interesting and sparked my attention, the first thing she said was “That is the way not to find Self -Confidence, is looking for confidence in yourself”.  She elaborated by explaining that if you try to find confidence in who you are, what you look like, how many degrees you have or what job you have, you will never find the confidence you are looking for.In other words, essentially what we are ultimately craving is confidence that will last us our whole life, how do we expect to find that everlasting, secure confidence if we are looking in ourselves, as humans, who are not secure, and who are finite and imperfect. The only one we can find our confidence in is in Christ, the prefect One. 

I’m going to link Sadie's video below because I truly believe that you will all be blessed by it. I have watched th…

The Hardest Lesson I Have Learned In University So Far..

It is kind of ironic that I am writing a post on this topic, because now at this moment, I feel like am not only in the midst of this, but I have to practice what I preach at the moment. The hardest lesson I have learned in University so far is this..

Failure is inevitable. What is important is the steps you are going to take to bounce back and lift yourself up.

This is a meaningful lesson to me. I am currently at what is suppose to be my last year at university, depending on whether I pass my last three prerequisite classes in order to move on to my last four classes as a senior. I recently saw that I failed two of those classes. I will be meeting with my counselor to figure out what I should do from here but it seems like I will not be graduating this year. Yes, this is a HUGE disappointment and I have cried and beat myself up tremendously plus to add my depression it doesn't make things better..BUT, something my sister, my mom and I am trying to tell myself is, it is not the e…

An ( Original) Poem: Silly Me.

Hey Friends,

Let me know what you think about this short poem I wrote. I'm a hopeless romantic, so if you are to you may relate to this.

I still think about the what if's
What if this.. What if that..
What if that fight never happened
And I never got so mad
Silly Me.
If you ask me i'll deny it
I'll tell you I'm over it
Those "I want to be with you" thoughts
Nope. They don't exist
I don't think about seeing you
Running to hug you
As if I were in bliss
Silly Me
That should be the theme of my mind
When I cry, I think about what if you were here
To dry the eyes in which this overflowing river seems
to never disappear
Silly Me.
 "You know I have someone for you"
The Lord constantly whispers in my ear
"You are worth more than any kind, good looking man"
"Or a few likes on Instagram"
"You are right" I answer "You are right"
But I go right back to that craving.
wanting to be your first thought…

An ( Original) Poem: "How Are You Here"

Happy New Year!

I hope the first day of 2018 is treating you well. I thought I would start my first post of the year with a poem that I wrote. I was inspired. By a tweet, a long time friend, etc. So without any delay here is a poem I wrote for my readers coming into this new year with mental illness and uncertainty or fear.
But especially to a long time friend of mine..

I know what you are thinking, how are you here
How is someone like you barely making it through?
this is not suppose to be the reality
Your goal was to be dead by the end of  twenty-seventeen
But your not. You are here. What does this mean?
I know what you are thinking, how are you here
How is someone like you barely making it through?
your pain is temporary
God is telling you look up and over the valley
This year. You are suppose to be here,
right here in twenty-eighteen
I know what you are thinking, how are you here
How is someone like you barely making it through?
Don't let the illness fool you
it's …