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#BeBrave Story #1: Ashley Bennett

Looking back at the last couple years, there have been 
many struggles and hardships. Many family members and  friends warned us that the first year of marriage would be  the toughest. We supposed they were referring to the  transition one must make when leaving behind the single life in  order to live a better one with an eternal companion. I don’t  think we supposed wrong, but Heavenly Father had a little  more in mind for us. 

Only a few months after our wedding day, I began to  experience frighteningly unpleasant mood swings. My initial  reactions to almost everything became angry and bitter. These drastic changes in my personality made me feel lonely with no hope of ever returning to my “normal” or true self.  Prayerfully, Jayson and I decided I needed professional help.  I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety for the first  time in my life. 

In the October 2015 General Conference, President  Devin G. Durrant shared, “Christ invites us to do many hard  things because He knows we will be ble…