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To The Student Who Is Taking Longer Than Four Years To Graduate...

I have not written a college related post in a long time so I figured why not, especially since this particular one has been on my mind lately. As it seems a lot of people have graduated this month I want to start by saying CONGRATS! to you all. It has been so exciting to hear about all of your post college grad life and your plans for the future.

With that being said, I want to speak in particularly to the student who has not graduated yet, maybe you have one more year and you will not be graduating in that expected four year mark.. or maybe you are still in community college and feel stuck among the waiting lists and endless GE requirements. I'm writing to that student who is scrolling through Instagram looking at all those grad photos of your classmates from high school and your thinking "that could of been me" "that should of been me" "Maybe if I had.." " Maybe I should of.." I want you to pause with those thoughts and the scrolling and …

One Year Blog Anniversary!!! What Is Next For "Her Daring Thoughts"?

Hey Friends! 
I hope you are all doing well, this is a very exciting post because on this day June 24th of last year I created this blog "Her Daring Thoughts" and posted my first blog post! If you want to read it click HERE

It is funny because a lot of people say they are a bit embarrassed of the first blog post that they ever wrote, but I am not so much embarrassed but taken aback at the fact that I knew the minute I started this blog that I wanted to pour into young adult lives and encourage anyone struggling emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Why? because I have been there and I know what it is like to feel completely alone even when you may be surrounded with the people closest to you. From the beginning I wanted this blog to be a place where a person considering suicide can come and decide you know what maybe there is hope and maybe asking for help is not a shameful thing. 
I can not believe it has already been a year, and in just a year I have connected with oth…

Four of My Favorite Bible Verses ( Guest Post By Airriaunte)

Hey Friends, I have a special post for you today! In this blogging community I have been lucky enough to connect with fellow bloggers who share the same Christian faith. With that being said I was more than happy to collab with Airriaunte from the blog CoffeeWithTae and have her share four bible verses that has convicted her. I hope this blesses you!

Please read more about Tae after the post below! If you want to read about My favorite bible verses click HERE

Hi! My name is Airriaunte most (all) of my friends call me Tae! As Im sure you already know Nikki and I are doing a collab of some bible verses that mean a lot to us! So here are the four from me!

Galatians 4: 1-71 I’m saying that as long as the heirs are minors, they are no different from slaves, though they really are the owners of everything. 2 However, they are placed under trustees and guardians until the date set by the parents. 3 In the same way, when we were minors, we were also enslaved by this world’s system. 4 But whe…

Seven Songs I Have On Repeat!

Hey Friends,

What Type Of Music Are You Listening To?

Have you ever thought about all the different types of songs that come out in our society and really listened to the lyrics? You have some songs that go from degrading women as objects to songs that literally promote pride and self loathing, killing, and adultery. It is kind of sad when you think about it, the fact that those themes are the type of content that a majority of our generation buys and listens to often.

Ever since I was a little kid my parents, especially my mom were always cautious about the shows my siblings and I would watch, what we would post on social media, the books we would read etc. Obviously now that I am older I have freedom in that, but the point is that because they showed me at a young age the importance of being cautious as to what you listen to and watch, I have adopted that mentality. I truly believe that whatever you feed to your mind and soul will eventually come out whether it is through your action…