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Survival Guide Through Community College!

I feel like every time someone hears of community college it brings up a bad taste.

Maybe not to everyone, but I remember in high school most of my teachers would encourage all of us to go straight to a four year university because community college can be a long and difficult route to get through.

Well, that used to be my mentality as well. Community college was not an option for me in my head, I wanted to go straight into a four year. BOY were my dreams flipped.

Any route you take to get through school will be tough, but as I am someone who has gone through community college and finished in two years and one semester, I know what it takes to make sure you get through community college at a fair time and not waste your time there for five years. So here are a few tips I conjured up to get you through junior college in two years and nothing more.

1). Make Up Your Mind!

Make the conscious decision before you even start school that you will be out of there in two years, latest two y…