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Criticism Hurts But The Growth Is Rewarding

I have a love & hate relationship with criticism.

There are certain circumstances where I can handle it. Although when it comes to my character, growth, goals, & education I do not like being corrected so much that my "efforts" go little to un noticed.

* I had a rough night last night, excuse the angry tweet lol.*

I really get tense when it is my family, the people closest to me criticizing me the most. I mean obviously they will since they know me longer and are aware of my full potential. Nevertheless, I believe that is what makes it more hurtful, the mere fact that they are blood related, and they have so much faith in me drives them to prefect my every move and decision. Maybe I am being sensitive, you tell me. For me I can not stand when the criticism overrides the praise...

On the other hand I welcome it more than ever, because criticism is essential for a person's growth and well being. I do not believe I would be half the person I am today if it weren…