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Survival Guide Through Community College!

I feel like every time someone hears of community college it brings up a bad taste.

Maybe not to everyone, but I remember in high school most of my teachers would encourage all of us to go straight to a four year university because community college can be a long and difficult route to get through.

Well, that used to be my mentality as well. Community college was not an option for me in my head, I wanted to go straight into a four year. BOY were my dreams flipped.

Any route you take to get through school will be tough, but as I am someone who has gone through community college and finished in two years and one semester, I know what it takes to make sure you get through community college at a fair time and not waste your time there for five years. So here are a few tips I conjured up to get you through junior college in two years and nothing more.

1). Make Up Your Mind!

Make the conscious decision before you even start school that you will be out of there in two years, latest two y…

Our Parents Are Human Just Like Us

Okay before I start, please do not take this post as a rebellion note to disrespect your parents. Absolutely Not. Our Parents deserve our respect and always know what is best for us.. well 99.9% of the time. ;)

Our Parents Are Not Prefect.
They fail and make mistakes just like we do.

I know what you are thinking.. "Thanks Ms. Obvious". But here me out..

We are told to respect our parents at all times, but while respecting them we seem to forget that they are human just like us. I know for me personally, I have had my parents on a pedestal for the longest time thinking that they are the prime example of perfection.

What I am saying is "Dad" does not mean Superman and "Mom" is far from Saint Mary.

Sometimes they will hurt our feelings whether they are aware of it or not. They will compare you to your cousins, siblings or friends not knowing that it brings you down more than raise you up. They will label you once in a while and a few hurtful words will c…

Criticism Hurts But The Growth Is Rewarding

I have a love & hate relationship with criticism.

There are certain circumstances where I can handle it. Although when it comes to my character, growth, goals, & education I do not like being corrected so much that my "efforts" go little to un noticed.

* I had a rough night last night, excuse the angry tweet lol.*

I really get tense when it is my family, the people closest to me criticizing me the most. I mean obviously they will since they know me longer and are aware of my full potential. Nevertheless, I believe that is what makes it more hurtful, the mere fact that they are blood related, and they have so much faith in me drives them to prefect my every move and decision. Maybe I am being sensitive, you tell me. For me I can not stand when the criticism overrides the praise...

On the other hand I welcome it more than ever, because criticism is essential for a person's growth and well being. I do not believe I would be half the person I am today if it weren…

Reflecting On The Feeling Of Loneliness --- A Blog Response to Tainted Blues's "Loneliness" Post

 "The Worse Loneliness Is Not To Be Comfortable With Yourself" - Mark Twain 

This is my second Blog Response and I think I am going to continue doing these. I really love reading blogs that touch me and that I know will inspire other people and writing about them.

With that said, I wanted to write about the topic of Loneliness.

I was moved to write about this topic by the blog Tainted Blues from Isabelle Collins. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a good personal story that allows me to connect with the writer, that is why I loved her post because she describes Loneliness on a personal level.

While reading her post I was reflecting on my own life and the various times that I have felt lonely.

From middle school to high school to even now in college I still get this overwhelming feeling of loneliness that I can not seem to shake off. I can recall times where I would just be laying on my bed getting ready to sleep and tears would just start running down my face simply beca…