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There is Power In Prayer (Nigeria Recap Pt 2)

My first night in Nigeria I stayed with my Grandma at her house and got to meet my uncle and cousin. That night we ate dinner and relaxed and I was able to see pictures of my mom when she was younger. There is something kind of sweet about seeing a baby picture of your mom or dad, it kind of makes them more "human" or "relatable"  I am 23 years old and still have that "wow" moment when I see a young picture of my parents do you? It was amazing to finally meet my uncle Jared and cousin Alex, by the way I am convinced my brother and cousin look alike, am I right or am I right? (lol)

I also got to meet my uncle Ken, who is such an anointed man. To be in the same room as him when he prays was a blessing. After staying at my Grandma's house for the night we went to our house in Umuguaragu. There, my uncle gathered my family and I and three other ministers from his church and prayed over us and the house we would be staying at for the next two weeks. We ga…