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Nigeria. An Overwhelming Sense Of Home

The last two weeks of 2018 my family and I took a long awaited trip to Nigeria. There, my dad and mom took us around the villages ofUmugaragu and Eziala where they grew up. We celebrated Christmas, New Years, but most especially my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary.

I still have yet to go into detail and share with you all about my experience traveling outside the country for the first time, and just being embraced by the culture shock.

But until then.. here is a short poem of just the few words that I would use to describe my first impression of Nigeria.

Beautiful. Humbling.  A far away place my dad would speak of .. now became real.  Family rooted. Culturally sustained. Endless " You Are Welcome" greetings 
- You seldom hear in America. 
Nigeria. This place is home. Constantly reminded by uncles, aunts, great grandma " You Are Home" 
Nigeria. An overwhelming sense of home

                                                                       - Nikki Opar…