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Dear January 2019,

You were a HARD, DIFFICULT, MUNDANE, ISOLATIVE MONTH.  How could one month, 31 days be so molding? January 2019, you forced me to work hard and overcome mistakes I didn't think I would overcome. You forced me to realize that I need help, you really drilled that in me to the point where I saw myself in a psych hospital for a good four days. Those four days I am not sure exactly how to put into words. My feelings during my time there went from scared, confused, hopeless, to okay, supported... empowered?

Dear January 2019,

You wounded me and I think you may have almost broken me. Either way I was forced to pause, and reevaluate my life, my motivation, my hopes and my desires. I was forced to remember that words are powerful, especially the words we say to ourselves. The narrative I speak to myself every time my eyes open in the morning builds up more and more. If this narrative I speak to myself is negative it will build negativity inside of me that will essentially ex…

The Morning After It Rains ( Original Poem )

I have been writing more poetry lately. I think there is something about going through difficult or confusing seasons that forces out more poetry from me. Anyway, I wrote this the first week or two of January. It still rings true for me up to this point. 
P.S: I'm highly considering gathering all my poems in one word document and publishing my own first book. What do you think? Just an idea. Would any of you read a book that I publish lol ?

The morning after it rains.. The atmosphere has changed. Life is not the same The morning after it rains..  The old story that has been told has been washed away & drained The lyrics that was once sung in the storm  Has been jumbled in a new place
The morning after it rains Life is making a little more sense God's grace I still can not comprehend But I know it never ends 
A smile is creeping in Not because all is well again Not because my mountains & valleys are collapsed beneath me  But hope and grace are within reach Hope and gra…