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I'm. Done. Writing. 2018.

So this is really difficult.

I'm not going to be updating this blog for awhile, at least not for the rest of this year. There is a lot I need to focus on when it comes to myself, my career, and just my overall life. I also feel kind of inadequate to have this blog, this was a place for me to express myself, as well as share some of my experiences as a young adult and the lessons I am learning.. but I feel like a hypocrite. It's like who am I to share life lessons and advice if I don't even have my own life together. Right?

I guess I do not know what to grab a hold of at this point.. the idea that you do not have to have it all figured out to be an encouragement to people OR you have to wait and be established in order for your story and words to have real meaning. I'm confused.

My blog was overall pushing the message that you can share your story even in the midst of the storm, you can still be a light and be the reason someone doesn't give up even if your life is…