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What Are The Experiences That Have Formed YOU?

My name is Nicole Opara, I am a 23 year old with a loud laugh and a huge appetite( did someone say Panda Express?).  I truly believe Fried Ice Cream from The Roll heals a broken heart. I want to travel to all the places Jesus and his disciples walked and when I move out of my parents house I am getting a puppy. That's a fact.

  My name is Nicole and..  

School has always been so difficult for me and discouraging. But I think God has shown and continues to show his grace and patience towards me through it all.

I have had my first and second kiss and I am hoping the day I get my third will be with my husband.

I have always struggled to little to no confidence growing up and being teased and bullied didn't help much either.

My mind can not recollect how old I was or the dates of my suicide attempts. But I know they happened. I do remeber praying to God every time that I wouldn't wake up the next day.. Let's just say I am glad God doesn't answer ALL our prayers.…