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I Confessed My Feelings To My Crush.. Now What?

Hey Friends!

If you have been keeping up with my blog for awhile you know that a couple months ago I told my crush that I like him.. you can read about my love fest in these post (LOL) ...

I Hate Having A Crush Pt 1
I Hate Having A Crush Pt 2
I Hate Having A Crush Pt 3

With that background, you can better understand where I am coming at with this post.

  I feel like no one really addresses what's next. Okay so you told your crush everything, is your feelings suppose to magically disappear after that? It may seem like its not a big deal, its not like you were in a relationship. Nonetheless, these are emotions and feelings that are as much valid as if you were in a relationship and you both broke up.

I will say this, after telling "J" and receiving a respectful honest response from him I felt a HUGE relief. "J" and I talk once in awhile and are building a good friendship, which I am beyond blessed about.

But I will say this, I still smile when I see his pictures a…