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Dear Parents, SIX Things You DON'T Say To Your Son/Daughter Who Is Struggling With A Mental Illness

To any parent who reads this.. I am not a parent. I am a 22 year old who just finished college and has so many thoughts that I feel I need to write out. I have been on this earth only 22 years and yet I some how believe I have enough life experience to share some advice to the world ( so I say.. lol)

Please do not take this as me trying to tell you how to parent your child, but just what not to say to a human being that is going through emotional and mental pain. If you know someone who needs these reminders please feel free to share this post! (:

1). Bringing up emotional or mental breakdowns from the past

I do not know if you are bringing these things up to make an example and teach your child or instill guilt, I have no idea.. but stop. It does not and will not help. Actually it is quite triggering.

2.) Telling them to "grow out of it"

- Mental illness of any kind whether that be depression, anxiety, OCD etc, it is not something you just grow out of. I am not a parent by a…