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***Two Year Blog Anniversary***

I could of sworn it was just yesterday that I told my sister that I wanted to start a blog, because the idea of talking in front of a camera and posting videos on YouTube terrified me ( ultimate respect for youtubers btw).

To be honest, I really did not expect to keep this up for long. I started Her Daring Thoughts on June 24th 2016. It was during the summer, while I was waiting to start my first semester at CSUF. I just figured it would be a short, fun, creative outlet for me that would eventually die down when I started school, but ya'll.. I'm still here!

 If you are someone that keeps coming back to read what I have to say, THANK YOU. Even to those three friends of mine in my personal life that I sorta begged in the beginning to subscribe to this blog lol thanks, whether you read my blog or not haha.

***Here are (5) amazing things that has come out of blogging for me***

1. I Have Blogging Friends/Community Online

They say the internet is dangerous and you can not make real…