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" The Lord Whispers to Me.." ( Original)

Maybe this is the Lord whispering to me
.. He is not for you
Let me hold your heart instead
It is delicate, let me protect it
Let me save it from this world's empty promises

Maybe the Lord whispers to me
You and every women far exceed
'beautiful' and 'pretty'
that cute does not even begin to describe the priceless treasure you are to me
Created to be exceedingly, abundantly more than just 'babe' and 'sweetie'

And maybe the Lord is whispering to me
That just like he parted the red sea
He parts the heavy emotions within me
Disciplines me like he did Moses
Taming my outbursts and anxieties

Maybe this is the Lord whispering to me
Watch the good work I'm doing with your struggles and mistakes
They say you fall seven get up eight
The Lord whispers to me to fall, fall into my grace
Remember David who lie with another women
Recalled who holds his salvation
Dropped to his face begging for forgiveness
... And the Lord forgives

I was twelve when I first s…