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BeBrave Story #9 ( ABINA GEORGE): Coping With Anxiety & Depression

Hi Everyone! It's JUNE, a new month and so here is a new #BeBrave story from one of my favorite writers: Abina George. You can read more about her biography and work after this post. 

Abina shares with us her experience with anxiety and depression and ways in which she has been coping with it. Thank you so much Abina for sharing your story!

After growing up in an emotionally abusive environment to a schizophrenic single mother, you could say my mental foundation is delicate. Despite living amongst so much stress and sickness, my mental issues started truly presenting themselves upon my entrance to college. School stresses me out. I worry and panic to the point that I’m physically cannot attend to my assignments not attend class. I desire success and achievement like the average student by the worry of underperforming prevents me from truly understanding the subject matter. 
My underperformance in my studies spills over into the rest of my life. I cannot seem to comprehend that my fa…