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I Hate Having A Crush Pt 3

"Hey may I talk to you about something? Are you free Wednesday at 3?"

Was the message I sent to my crush through snapchat, trying to muster up the tiny bit of courage I had left to tell him how I felt about him...

You have probably already guessed by the title what this post is going to be about. This is " I Hate Having A Crush" Pt 3. The last part of this small series, I didn't even know this was a series but I just liked the ring to it so we are sticking with it. If you haven't read the last two post just like this you may want to do so and get caught up.

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Well this is it. The end of my dying love fest of the guy I have been writing poems and tweeting about because on Wednesday May 16th, 2018 I told my crush that I liked him. We met up in front of a lecture hall on a bench and I kid you not my anxiety had been on a high literally the whole week, and the fact that it was finals week as well did not make i…