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Desperate. ( An Original)

The other day I felt something .. Desperate.
Desperate for someone to call me babe, love, sweety..
Desperate to be reassured that I am wanted..
That I don't have to fear being lonely...

The other day I felt.. Desperate
I went to bed wanting to be touched by the person I dream of alittle to much
Admire. Inspired by. My stomach is in knots when He walks by.
Imagine how embarrassing it would be if he read this
But.. I'm desperate for him to notice.

The other day I felt.. Desperate
 I can carry my own
But when I see him
I don't mind letting his presence take control

Desperate for you to be in my life
My mind
My imagination
Consume my time

The other day I felt something.. Desperate. 

Nikki O.