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BeBrave Story #7: Shauna Claire

Hey Everyone, today I am sharing with you #BeBrave Story #7! Beauty and Fashion blogger Shauna Claire from the blog Goddess Guide is sharing her journey on recieving her PTSD diagnosis and how life for her has been since then. I can't wait for you all to read her story and be encouraged to get the help that you deserve and never give up.

Also can we take a moment to acknowledge the fact that Shauna Claire looks like she can be on the front cover of a celebrity magazine! Read more about the writing Shauna does after this post and check out her social medias below! ( Her Instagram is Ah-mazing)

My road to a PTSD diagnosis wasn't a straightforward one, nor of a conventional avenue. My journey with mental health began with visiting my doctor and asking him about why it was so difficult for me to eat different foods, and why I would panic around food in general. I didn't feel I had an eating disorder because I didn't have any kind of body dysmorphia and I wasn't a…