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Hey, Are You Proud of Yourself?

Well, are you? and I mean all of yourself, the good, the bad and the ugly my friends. When I ask that question I ask it knowing that you and I are not exactly where we want to be at the moment. We all still have so many dreams and end goals ahead, But.. regardless, have you embraced your past and future mistakes? are you proud of yourself?

If your answer is not really, or No. I only pray that this post will give you the permission to be proud of yourself. This is a short quick post to say that society puts this standard on us that says you must be at this certain point in your life for you to truly be proud of yourself. You must be a certian body size, you must be going to THIS university, you must be pursuing THIS type career, you must be married and with kids at a certain age, you must have  THIS number of Instagram followers or more, you must be attaining  THESE amount of opportunities and frankly, to be honest.. I just do not agree.

There is a small routine I have decided to…