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BeBrave Story #6 : Rebecca Burke

Hi Friends! Can you believe it is already March?! It is a new month, and with a new month comes a new #BeBrave story from regular people just like you and I who are or were struggling with a mental illness. I really appreciate Rebecca Burke for saying yes to sharing her story on her journey through anxiety and depression.

You can learn more about Rebecca and her writing after this post below! I hope her story inspires you to not give up no matter what you are facing.

I’ve always had low self-esteem with an over-active imagination. As a child, I would be convinced that people didn’t like me and I would over-compensate trying to get them to like me by being chatty & loud and being fully aware that this was probably making them dislike me more but not being able to stop. I’m a people pleaser with a fear of failure.

I was always fairly bright in school but as I got older I felt like I was becoming more & more average and others were flying ahead of me. I still got good gr…