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Shame. Guilt. Regret.. ( Original) Poem

I was not 100% sure what to name this piece but I'm liking the title that I have at the moment. A lot of you seem to be having a positive response to my poems which I am really relieved about. A lot of these poems I tend to come up with on the spot when I am feeling a certain way.
For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you might be thinking that all this is kind of random,  all of a sudden posting my poems on my blog, but  I guess I have been having a wave of inspiration, and I like this, this whole once in a while throwing a original piece to you all here and there.

I might make a separate page on my blog that is just for my poems so it is easier to find, but for now I am just testing the waters. Enjoy Friends (:

You are told go faster But instead you slow down
Turn right but you turn left
Conditioned to feel shame about your path 

Now it is set. Shame Guilt Regret You Should of, you could of, you didn’t Maybe if, Maybe then, maybe that Imagine this, Imagine that…