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An ( Original) Poem: Silly Me.

Hey Friends,

Let me know what you think about this short poem I wrote. I'm a hopeless romantic, so if you are to you may relate to this.

I still think about the what if's
What if this.. What if that..
What if that fight never happened
And I never got so mad
Silly Me.
If you ask me i'll deny it
I'll tell you I'm over it
Those "I want to be with you" thoughts
Nope. They don't exist
I don't think about seeing you
Running to hug you
As if I were in bliss
Silly Me
That should be the theme of my mind
When I cry, I think about what if you were here
To dry the eyes in which this overflowing river seems
to never disappear
Silly Me.
 "You know I have someone for you"
The Lord constantly whispers in my ear
"You are worth more than any kind, good looking man"
"Or a few likes on Instagram"
"You are right" I answer "You are right"
But I go right back to that craving.
wanting to be your first thought…