What Are The Experiences That Have Formed YOU?

   My name is Nicole Opara, I am a 23 year old with a loud laugh and a huge appetite( did someone say Panda Express?).  I truly believe Fried Ice Cream from The Roll heals a broken heart. I want to travel to all the places Jesus and his disciples walked and when I move out of my parents house I am getting a puppy. That's a fact.

  My name is Nicole and..  

School has always been so difficult for me and discouraging. But I think God has shown and continues to show his grace and patience towards me through it all.

I have had my first and second kiss and I am hoping the day I get my third will be with my husband.

I have always struggled to little to no confidence growing up and being teased and bullied didn't help much either.

My mind can not recollect how old I was or the dates of my suicide attempts. But I know they happened. I do remeber praying to God every time that I wouldn't wake up the next day.. Let's just say I am glad God doesn't answer ALL our prayers.

Suicidal Ideation is something I still struggle with. But, my experiences is what drives me to want to be an author and speaker.

I want  13 year old me from the past to breathe, know it will be okay. Your 23 year old self is no longer writing depressive thoughts in a notebook, but  writes on this blog to uplift others and shared my story on a podcast called Voices Of Mental Health

Its a long life dream of mine to build a mental health services clinic that is inclusive of all people one day: LGBTQ, African Americans, Muslims, Immigrants, Christians, Non Christians etc


One of my favorite bloggers Sofiyat from  TheOdditty   shared a post in which she opens up about her story and the many experiences she had that has shaped who she is. Anyone who has been following my blog for awhile knows that I am a huge advocate for being vulnerable. Embracing your past hurts and current triumphs. I loved at the end when she said...

" My stories are mine,  and not one experience has defined who I am as a woman, sister, cousin, lover, and so on. These stories could limit me, or free me. They could be stepping stones or road blocks but they have always been my story"

Please go read her post because it inspired me to write this. Oh and go check her out of course(:

So.. What Are The Experiences That Have Formed YOU?

Nikki O.


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