What Demi Lovato's Overdose Has Taught Me..

I remeber when I heard that Demi had been sober for 6 years, then a few weeks before that, I had watched her documentary and if I had not been a huge fan of hers before I was NOW. I was so inspired to see a celebrity around my age who was killing it with every soul in her being. I said to myself.. " If Demi can overcome her demons, then so can I"

 When I heard about her overdose.. my heart sank.
 I remember praying " God, please do not take Demi away from us PLEASE" considering all the deaths we have had from well known celebrities, I could not bare the thought of her not surviving.

 I  started scrolling online and reading the news that was coming out about her overdose and the story behind it; how Demi had been surrounding herself with the wrong crowd and falling behind on her sobriety.

I was shocked, but then oddly it turned into a small frustration "No, not the Demi I know! She was doing so well.." as if she was suppose to have it all together. I almost started to forget that she is human just like us and will have her turbulent seasons.

 With that being said, Demi Lovato's overdose has taught me a few things...

1. Mental illness doesn't discriminate

No matter what ethnicity, age, skin color, or level in social status you are in, mental illness can hit anyone. Although it is an obvious point to make, many think that they are immune to it. I would never wish a mental illness on any one, but I  truly believe that in the time that we are in taking care of not only our physical health but our mental health is crucial.

2. The people you surround yourself with have a HUGE impact on you

Have you ever responded a certain way to a situation or said a certain joke to someone and then caught yourself and thought.. wow I feel like my friend  right now. That comes to show that the company we choose to surround ourselves with and interactive with can influence us in some way or another. Having a group of friends that know your struggles and weaknesses and will not tempt you, but keep you accountable is really important.

3. Embrace your own life, we are all a work in progress

I am the worse when it comes to embracing my own life and doing me. I still fall into comparing myself with anyone and everyone. " I wish I was confident like Demi".. "I wish I was as influential like Sadie Robertson" " I wish I was  smart enought to be in med school like my sister.." and although they are both amazing young ladies, doing great things and it is good to have role models, but when it comes down to putting them on a pedastol thats where it becomes a problem. We are all a work in progress, we are all going through our own inner struggles that we may not portray on the outside. So focus on yourself and embrace and appreciate who you are and the season you are in. 
4. Your status/credentials puts a thin blanket on your inner demons

Sometimes we can get so caught up on our education, career, and social status in order to ignore what is going on inside. Don't get me wrong those are all exceptionally important in order to succeed in life. But, I think it is important now more than ever that we face our inner demons. A huge relief about this is that you don't have to face it on your own. While you are out killing it in your career, being the best friend, Mom, dad, lawyer, student, etc.. make sure you are attending to your mental health. Please, make sure these things you are pursuing are not becoming a thin blanket you are using to cover up inner pain.

So, in case no one has checked up on you yet, By reflecting on not only Demi Lovato's overdose, but the recent suicides of the artist and celebrities we love.. how is YOUR mind, body, soul and heart doing right now?

Comment below and let's keep each other accountable(:

We Love You Demi, Get Well Soon <3

Nikki O.


  1. I love this! This is so true. People base their happiness and thier life off the materialism and its sad. I was at work and someone was talking about her death. A lady had said how does a person have so much money and still be depressed? I told her that money is not everything. People think that you buy a new life and you can make yourself happy with items you cant. A lot of people chase money because of that reason. I love your perspective keep doing what you're doing.

    1. Thank you for your comment! Its such a relief that Demi is healing now, but it just comes to show that success, money and fame cant buy happiness. I am so glad you loved the post and got so much out of it! (:

  2. This was great. And all so true! When I heard about it, I was so shocked as it was someone who has been so open about everything. You forget that because people have been sober a long time it doesn't mean they're okay. Glad she's doing better x



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