"How Dare I.." ( Original Poem)


I was fourteen and I wanted so badly to be seen 
I wanted the boys of my age to know I existed
That I am not as awkward as I may come off to be
because I wanted to be taken seriously 

Now I am twenty-two and can hardly stand the tune
Ya know, "hey beautiful" *whistle* "have a good day" 
I never know what to say 
So I give the "fuck off" look 
and go my way.. Oh but, How dare I 

How Dare I think to deeply into the "compliments" they give me
How Dare I try to make sense of their intentions 
And their perverted attention 
How dare I make men out to be animals..
Boys will be boys right?
So How Dare I speak up 
With this urge to fight 

Oh but How Dare I 
He was just admiring me, 
So How Dare I not appreciate his flirting
Saying he loves shy girls 
and that I am really pretty 

Or How Dare I slap his hand.. 
How Dare I not submit to him touching my breast
because I asked for it right?
My tank top and shorts was a clear invitation
So its not his fault for not knocking
Before his abrupt invasion
Oh but How Dare I feel uncomfortable 
We were kissing, I mean what was I expecting.. 

Oh but How Dare I, 
Make the decision to still wake up everyday
With this God given confidence that I fight to portray
How Dare I set my sights on my true identity 
.. In Him, In Christ. 


Hey Friends! If you got to this part, thank you so much for reading. I feel like I haven't posted one of my poems in awhile. " How Dare I" is a poem I recently wrote after an interaction I had that sparked up anger and insecurities. Plus you know me, I have to write out ALL my emotions lol.

Thank you again for reading! Comment below your thoughts? Can you relate in some way?

Nikki O. x


  1. Yes girl, share your emotions, the interactions and spark conversation - great poem!

    Tx. // MusicGeekOnline.

    1. Thank you so much Tajinder (: I really hope it does spark a conversation, that is definitely what I aim to do in all my writing.

  2. What a powerful poem.... and I hope it's helped you to feel more empowered by writing it and expressing the tumult of emotions you felt from that interaction..

  3. This is such a good poem Nikki, you express your thoughts so well. It’s a very powerful message and clearly written. Thank you for sharing your poetry <3 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

  4. That's a fantastic poem. To talk about it openly is brave and we all need to speak up more. Well done x

  5. Wow this is a powerful poem. Thank you for sharing :) xx



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