***Two Year Blog Anniversary***

I could of sworn it was just yesterday that I told my sister that I wanted to start a blog, because the idea of talking in front of a camera and posting videos on YouTube terrified me ( ultimate respect for youtubers btw).

To be honest, I really did not expect to keep this up for long. I started Her Daring Thoughts on June 24th 2016. It was during the summer, while I was waiting to start my first semester at CSUF. I just figured it would be a short, fun, creative outlet for me that would eventually die down when I started school, but ya'll.. I'm still here!


 If you are someone that keeps coming back to read what I have to say, THANK YOU. Even to those three friends of mine in my personal life that I sorta begged in the beginning to subscribe to this blog lol thanks, whether you read my blog or not haha.

                                ***Here are (5) amazing things that has come out of blogging for me***

1. I Have Blogging Friends/Community Online

They say the internet is dangerous and you can not make real friends from social media. FALSE. I truly feel and have experienced that if you are smart, the internet can really work for you when it comes to finding a community. Here are just some of the cool and most humble bloggers I have come to know through either twitter or instagram, not to mention their amazing blogs as well.

Emily Susanne -  Fearfullywonderfullyme

Guilianna McGinniss - Guiliannamarie

Jasmine Burke - ThoughtsFromJasmine

Rowana - Spokenblackgirl.com ( has now became a growing online magazine dedicated to empowering young black women! Ah-mazing)

Sandi - Sincerely.sandi

Michelle - Mirothebrave

2. Sharing on other Platforms

 It is amazing the opportunities you get when you do what you are passionate about. I have been able to have my story featured on other sites, as well as share some knowledge from my past experiences..

SheUnplugged -  My Depression Story

OfLionsAndLaces -My Depression Story

PowerfulU- Walking In Purpose Interview

3. I'm A Worth Living Ambassador

WorthLiving is a global online mental health organization that is dedicated to fighting the stigma surrounding mental illness.

As I started to indulge myself into blogging, I realized how passionate I was about mental health and being an advocate. So you can imagine when WorthLiving reached out to me to be apart of their team, I did not hesitate. My first post, which is a poem I wrote called "Dear 12 Year Old Me" was published on their site(:

4. Nine Young Women Have Shared Their Journey on The #BeBrave Series.

  I created the BeBrave series, because I could recall several moments in my life where I felt immensely alone and some what "insane" for how depressed I would become. I had no idea that SO many people my age and even younger struggle or have struggled with the same thing, maybe even worse. I never want someone to feel alone or feel like they are "crazy" for going through the pain they are feeling. That is what inspired the BeBrave series . .. 

Bonus: The 10th story is a very special one. I can not wait to share it with you all. (:  
                      ***Subscribe! So you do not miss a BeBrave Story (:*** 

5. I'm Diving Into The Art Of Poetry

    I have always loved writing small poems in my journal or on a small piece of paper. Although it wasn't until recently, probably towards the end of last year that I decided to share that piece of my artistic side with the world. I noticed that when I would write during the times that my feelings and emotions were strong and evident, it was so easy for the poems to come out. " No Mom You Do Not Know About The Demons In My Head was the first poem I posted. " The Lord Whispers To Me" is a recent poem I wrote and probably my favorite one. I wrote it during a state of anxiousness and confusion.


Those are the main five things that blogging has blessed me with. Two years of sharing all the craziness in my head whether negative or positive. Thank you for being open enough to receive what I have to say (: on to year three! x

Nikki O.



  1. Wow Nikki, you have achieved so many awesome things in your two years of blogging! I agree, the blogging community is so friendly and supportive. I’m glad I discovered your blog, keep up the great work girl <3 xx

    Bexa | www.hellobexa.com

    1. Thank you Bexa! Your blog is amazing! When I can get to your level I know I have made it lol

      Nikki O.

  2. Congratulations Nikki! I feel so blessed to be on your list of blogging friends :) you really are a talented and passionate writer. Keep shining God's light!

    1. Aw thank you Emily! So glad I came across your blog. It has been great to read the wisdom that God has been instilling in you (:

      Nikki O.

  3. CONGRATS ON TWO YEARS! Your blog is honestly something so special and I love the work that you do on here. Thank you so much for the mention - I too think of you as a blogging friend! Can't wait to read many many more posts
    Jas xx


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