To The Oblivious Cowardly Guy Who Failed To Impress Me...

 Eight things that is officially on my regret list:

1. sending you that poem...

2. Writing that poem..

3. you becoming "that" person to me..

4. allowing you back into my life..

5. liking your attention..

6. the fact that your one of my closest guy friends

7. I am SO comfortable talking to you ( It is actually annoying..)

8. We have so much  history...

                                                          But One Thing I Will Never Regret Is Meeting You

*** If you want some context as to whom I am writing to, I refer to him as "Leo" in a post I wrote back in 2016 called He Does Not Define You. Read that to be better informed, or if you don't care.. read on haha***


I do not regret meeting you because through experiencing what you had to offer  or the lack of, I learned who I am, what I like and don't like, my pet peeves and so much more.

I learned a very important lesson, that this world does not revolve around me (unfortunately,) and so for that reason not everyone will have the same heart or mindset as me.. and that's okay.

I learned that not everyone matures, or at least matures in the same pace as you would like them to. We are all going at our own pace when it comes to maturity and growth and that is something I need to be okay with.

I learned that I am more of a "walk the walk" type of person. Words are cheap to me. In other words, flirting or compliments are cute, but I'm worth more than that.

I do not blame you, being a man in this society is so misconstrued by society's false imagery through movies and on social media. Being a man is not necessarily having the right words to say, but showing who you truly are in how you act Every Single Day.

So, to the cowardly guy that failed to impress me, who am I to be mad at you, I put you on a pedestal and had high expectations of you even though I knew of our friendship drama from the past. So, I some what did this to myself, I guess that is another thing I have learned about myself.. I forgive... ALOT.

But,  thank you that through the confusion you put me through, when the right man comes I will definitely know... but it is not you, and I am finally okay with that.

Nikki O.


  1. Nikki I'm happy you had a revelation about what a man is. These lessons were designed to make us stronger and wiser, so it's nice you accepted the things you can't control and learned to move on. The perfect guy will show up for you and kudos to you for claiming your worth sis!

    Natonya |

    1. It has definitely been a process lol thank you so much!

  2. Amazing to read your thoughts and how you have used this as lessons. Thanks for sharing


  3. Reflection is an important part of moving on and allowing yourself to find someone who is the perfect guy and be able to open up to them. I love this post, I am going to bookmark it for when I go through something similar.

    Fran |

    1. Thank you for your comment Francisa, I agree. I feel like taking the time to reflect on what a situation taught you is crucial to moving forward, especially when it comes to relationships of any kind. And I am so glad you like the post that much! (: I hope it is a good reference <3

  4. This post is so important. Well done and thank you for sharing xx


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