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" The M is Silent" by Erika Reva ( Guest Post )

I can tell you from experience opening up about a personal stigmatized topic like mental health is not easy. So I can not thank Erika Reva and her parts enough for sharing. Read about the true, transparent  journey of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Then get to know more about Erika and her parts in the bio below! 

“I don’t remember but I believe you.”This short phrase is something I myself have solid memories of uttering all throughout my life, but especially high school and the years that followed. Dissociating through life and school years can be an unbelievable challenge, this is beyond true for people who do not know this is what has been happening; which for me, was the case.
In our school years many of us know what it is to be stressed, bullied, and anxious about any number of things. Our peers can make life difficult and we begin to rely on the few friends or people we deem worthy of our trust. Our parents “don’t get it” nor are they always a safe option and very few relatives…