Hi Friends!

It's been awhile, well it's only been two days since my last post (lol) but other than that it has been a while since I have really updated you all on myself and my life. If you had any finals I hope it all went well (:  As you already know it is my senior year, I just finished my first semester of my senior year; classes, my internship and work were all priorities for me.


 I just completed finals and I can officially say that I am free for the rest of the year to continue blogging and writing leisurely again. Thank God, because I have really missed it and I can actually feel the difference in myself when I am not blogging or actively being involved in the blogging community. Just two days ago I wrote a post that was rather a "split second/ in the moment" type of post called Dear Keaton Jones... And Every Other Kid Who Is Bullied  and some of you started sharing some of your experiences with me on twitter which reminded me why I love writing and sharing online.


On another note, I GOT A NEW JOB. Its crazy because I actually got hired immediately, that has never happened to me before. I mean usually, you will get interviewed and then they say that they will call you back later that week and then you spend the whole week refreshing your phone, making sure it is fully charged so you do not miss the call.
But just a couple of weeks ago, after my interview they asked me to step outside while they discuss briefly, and when they called me back one of the managers said that she feels I am exactly what they are looking for, they loved the answers I gave to their questions and they feel that I have good judgement. For those of you who have kept up with my recent posts about my other job that I recently left you know why saying that I am excited for this new journey is an understatement!

So what is my new job?!

I am a Childcare Counselor working with emotionally disturbed Foster kids and adolescents in different group homes. This is huge for me because I feel like my experience with being a CNA and also interacting with foster kids at my internship has laid a foundation for me as I enter into this field and work with this vulnerable community. I find it interesting how God is changing my passions and interest little by little. About two years ago I wanted to go to law school, now I am building up my resume to fit my future plans of social work.

HOW WAS 2017?

Well it depends, for me or for our country? lol I would have to talk more about the lessons I learned this year and my overall outlook on 2017 in another post. One thing I will say is  that I am grateful  that I found a passion with young adults and children that I never knew I had and I think it had a lot to do with my internship. I interned at a Family and Children Services Agency where I supervised the visits of parents and their children. These parents ultimately want to gain back custody of their kids so it is required of them by the court to have supervised visits with their child in order to gain back the trust and renew the relationship. During that internship I realized how crucial a father and mother are in a child's life and overall how different life factors can affect a young child/teen's mental health.

I remember watching a little 6 year old girl run to her father at my internship and just seeing how bright her face was, I silently said to myself.. " I never want a child/teen to feel like they are alone, hopeless, worthless, or that suicide is the only solution, never again" and if that means counseling them and making sure they are raised in a loving home that will help them flourish then that's what I intend to do.

I'll definitely talk more about my career plans/ aspirations in another post if you all want to know more. I would definitely want to know how you all have been as well. Update me on your lives because I love hearing from you all!

Remember God loves you and so do I,

Nikki O.


  1. This is really nice. I love when God points us in the direction he wants us to go. Working with foster kids in any capacity is huge. They need people who can love them with the love of God. Im really glad that through internship you found this new purpose. I had to comment because I wrote about how serving others helps you find your purpose on my blog, so its really nice to see that through service you are starting to have more clarity about your purpose.

    1. Thank you Latoya! It is interesting the way God works(:

  2. Congratulations on getting a new job, Nikki! I look forward to reading more blog posts about your plans and aspirations. And just more blog posts from you in general. :)

    1. Thank you Halyna! (: I really appreciate your support girl!

  3. Congratulations on the new job, Nikki! That's awesome. Working with kids in foster care is such a blessing to oneself but the bigger picture is that you'll be a blessing to the lives of these kids. I pray God uses you in a supernatural way in this new career path you have taken!

  4. Hey you!
    What a lovely blog post!
    Congratulations on your new job!!! And for finishing your first semester of your final yet! Time to celebrate :)!


  5. Congrats on your new job Nikki! 💕 Working with foster children sounds like such a rewarding career. That’s brilliant you have found your purpose and I’m looking forward to reading more about it! ❤️ Have a fantastic 2018 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you so much Bexa! I can't wait to share about my journey(:

  6. Huge congratulations on your new job, it sounds so rewarding, your passion really comes through in your writing! And how lovely that you're going to have more time for blogging again, I'll look forward to reading more of your posts next year X

    Lisa |


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