Dear Keaton Jones... And Every Other Young Kid Being Bullied

You asked in your video,  "Just out of curiosity, why do they bully?" "What's the point of it? Why do you find joy in taking innocent people and finding a way to be mean to them? It's not OK."

And you are right, it is not okay.

I do not know all the answers to life's most difficult questions, ill tell you this, these questions you ask are definitely difficult. It makes me wish that I had a superpower of controlling people's mind and behavior. If I had that type of power I would make sure everyone in the world were just nice to each other with no expectations or conditions. Unfortunately, that is not how life works, and unfortunately I do not have that superpower. I am sorry. I am sorry that this is the reality that we live in.

Popularity. Superiority. These things are so important to people your age and even as we get older there is this universal fear of not being liked or the fear of not being the center of attention. When someone notices something about you that they do not have, envy starts creeping in and it leads to them looking hard to find your weakness and when they find what really makes you mad, insecure or irritated they hold on to that and run with it.

I say this because I was also bullied when I was in middle school and elementary school. I am 22 years old now and I still remember getting mean notes stuffed in my locker and wondering why my so-called "friends" would be there for me one second and then turn on me the next. I still recall a group of girls and boys who would stand near my locker and just talk about me and laugh at me while I was there. I remember being tripped on purpose and even having my personal journal stolen from me by a the group of kids that would make fun of me all the time.

Every bullying experience is different, no matter how severe it is or not it doesn't feel good. But Keaton I want you and many others your age going through bullying to know this. There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With You. The bullies are the problem NOT you. They go around picking on you and others because of the emptiness they have within themselves. They see so many unique qualities in you that they do not have and so they want to try and bring you down to make themselves feel good.

You will get through this, I promise. It doesn't seem like it will end but it will. Remember, confidence is not something you are just born with, it is a goal you have to strive for. Continue to be Keaton Jones and no one else. To every single kid who is being bullied I know right now seems like a bad dream that never ends but No One Can Make You Feel Insecure or Worthless Without Your Permission. You are all..

                                                           "Braver Than you Believe
                                                             Stronger Than You Seem
                                                             Smarter Than You Think
                                                             And Loved More Than You Know" 


Nikki O.



  1. I was bullied in school too - his words made me ache for him. I know the feelings so well.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Excatly, me too. I can only hope that this video is waking some people up to the dangers of bullying in our society. Thank you for reading Jennifer(:


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