November Already? I'm Thankful.

Now I am sure you have read in every tweet, facebook status, blog post, instagram caption, the same thing " I can't believe it's already November" "Where has the time gone?" Well, I do not mean to bore you with the same beginning and disbelief but honestly, wasn't it just yesterday that we rang in the year 2017?? and now we are already looking forward to 2018. I just want to take a quick moment to say how thankful I am that God has brought me this far. This is probably something a lot of people tend to write about during New Years, but I couldn't help but think how emotionally draining 2017 has been for us as a country and just how overwhelming it is to know that God is not finished with us yet.

If you are reading this post take the time to reflect with me on the fact that you are ALIVE. Forget about whether you have accomplished so and so goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the year but just emerge yourself in the gratitude of the gift of being alive and being able to breathe. Not a lot of people were lucky enough to make it to the end of 2017, I mean can you even fathom that? Some people around the world or even just around the block who rang in the New Year with us have gone early. Just the thought of that forces me to put my life into perspective.

You All Always Respond With Support And Prayer. Thank You <3

I recently wrote a post called   How To Relieve Work Related Anxiety ,  and I started it a little on the depressing side. I do not regret that post, but I do feel like it came out a little on the whinning side. This thought was not based on what anyone has told me, actually you all are amazing, even when I publish a post where clearly I am coming from having a bad day, you all comment expressing your support and prayers. Thank you. Nonetheless, even though I do get really anxious before work,  I started to reflect on that post and how in some ways, self centered I have been in regards to my job and everything else in my life. I will be the first to tell you, the little bit of inconvenience drives me up the wall.

At my work I desperately want to be able to just move at a quick pace from patient to patient but I forget that it is not just about cleaning and feeding them, but understanding that it is not always about me, that if I feel anxious or uncomfortable just imagine how the patients feel especially being bed ridden and having some stranger clean you and basically assist you with every activity of your daily living. When I took a moment to think about that it makes me grateful for my job ( no matter how stressful I may become)  my education, my faith, my family, my health, the roof over my head, my friends, the sun, the moon, summer, winter, rain, spring, the list goes on.

How about you? Do you find yourself in a pit of self-centeredness in any aspect of your life? What are you thankful for? Are you looking forward to 2018 as much as I am?

I know, lots of questions.. Sorry lol. But I write to much about me so I want to make sure you all have an opportunity in the comments to give your opinion and thoughts! Can't wait to hear from ya'll :)

Remember, God loves you and so do I <3

Nikki O.


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