How To Relieve Work Related Anxiety

I didn't go to work again tonight. I called off very last minute again, and I am pretty sure there is just a matter of time until I get fired.

Sorry, I don't mean to start this post so depressing like this, but I will be completely honest with all of you because I believe all of you are my friends.. I feel like I wouldn't care if I were to loose my job or drop out of school at this point. Honestly I feel like I am in this endless cycle of failing, getting back up, failing, getting back up. I'm exhausted. Plus I am tired of this anxiety I get before work as well, its frustrating being at work and feeling incapable or as if you are not doing anything right.

The point of this post is not to complain to you all about how miserable my life is, I think it is my depression talking.  I'm actually here to share with you all about the ways in which I am trying to deal with this anxiety. I have been working at my new job for a good four to five months and I still get that dreadful feeling at the pit of my stomach. There have even been times where I would wake up in a panic due to remembering that I have work later that day. I hate that feeling of my heart racing as if I just ran a mile but really I am in my bed trying to calm down my breathing. I know I am not alone in this, that is why I wanted to share a few things I have been trying to do that has been helping me relieve my anxiety before work.

If you have any suggestions you would like to share with the community please feel free to comment below, I know it would help a bunch :)

So In no particular order here are a list of five things I do to relieve work related anxiety:

1. Pray ( at least I try to)

2. Journal ( I love writing so this comes easy for me)

3. Take a Walk / Jog ( I don't know why there is something liberating about sweating, I like to sweat off all my worries.. is that weird? lol )

4. Speak Out Positive Affirmations Repeatedly in the Morning   ( definitely a challenge and a process)

5. Eat a healthy breakfast before leaving ( food always makes the day a little better)

I hope these ideas help. It doesn't cure you, but it definitely makes the day a lot more bearable ( did I spell that right?) Also, I will be okay, I promise. It has just been a rough couple of days mentally. 

Love you all & God loves you,

Nikki O. 


  1. Some helpful tips, I used to have a job which made me so anxious before I had to go in for a shift and prayed I would get fired because I thought if I quit then it would disapoint others. But when I got fired it was such a relief and I found a job which I adored going too. say if you can try and find something you enjoy and aren't anxious about doing because you will feel all the better for it x

    1. Hi Hannah! Thank you for your comment :) I'm actually in the process of finding a new job. I don't hate my job, because I love that I am helping people, but you are right I should definitely find something that will not make me so anxious all the time.

      Nikki O.

  2. Sending prayers and support. I have been there, done that. Sorry - you have have covered this elsewhere in your blog - but if you haven't had an opportunity to talk to a professional, maybe that would help. Again, sending support your way.

    1. Hi Paula! Thank you for your support , its really appreciated. :) and actually going to counseling again is something I have been highly considering but I guess I have been putting off for some reason.

      Nikki O.

  3. Oh that's really hard. It sounds like you are taking positive steps though :) And you are very brave admitting that it is so difficult - if I am worried about a situations etc. I find that's so important to do, it always helps me once I actually admit that I am feeling stressed/down/whatever at that point in time.


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